Regular supporters may already know about this, but if you are a new friend of A Million Drops, we would like to tell you about Real Good Stuff, a podcasting show hosted by Scott Clapson, originally produced by New York DJ Cherish The Luv, and sponsored by A Million Drops.

    In 2018 and 2019, Scott was not only a regular guest at the A Million Drops Learning Center, he also taught a weekly podcasting class there to fellow unhoused folks. During that time, has recorded more than 30 conversations with people surviving homelessness, and with community advocates/activists who express new narratives and shift the perceptions, stereotypes and opinions about those who are unhoused or struggling with permanent shelter.

    Scott’s first podcast, a conversation with NY actor and playwright Robert Galinsky, is available on his own website, sponsored by us; you can listen to it here. We are very proud, and excited to see where Scott will be taking take his show. We believe the sky is the limit.


    It’s been over a year since we closed the A Million Drops Learning Center. Here is what we have been up to since:

    • provided over 1,000 free laundry vouchers, so that people experiencing homelessness can wash their clothing, blankets and sleeping bags.

    • handed out over 100 bags with toiletries, socks, bottled water and energy bars.

    • bought sofas, beds, chairs, refrigerators, desks, shelves, lamps, curtains, linens, kitchenware, decorative items and other needed items for previously unhoused individuals who finally moved into apartments.

    We couldn’t do any of this without your support, and we are very grateful for the donations we have received after we closed the Learning Center.


    Two years ago we took the big step signing a lease for a space in Hollywood, so we could offer classes and workshops in a safe, quiet and happy environment to people experiencing homelessness, and it is with deep sorrow and regret that we are announcing the closing of the A Million Drops Learning Center. Our Director Maike devoted all her time outside of her regular job to make things happen, and she finally realized that the responsibility is too much much for one person to handle.

    It was an amazing time. Every day was filled with unpredictable challenges, we succeeded, we failed and then succeeded again, and we don’t regret any of it. We learned a lot, about ourselves and about humanity, and we will forever appreciate the trust and friendship we received from the people who came to our Learning Center.

    While the Learning Center is closing its doors, A Million Drops will not cease to exist. We will continue our Free Laundry Voucher program, and return to doing outreach on foot, providing needed items, like toiletries, socks and underwear. We will also keep supporting some of the individuals who used to come to our center and whom we have come to know during the past two years.
    Thank you to everyone who has supported us in the past two years, we could not have done it without you, and please consider to continue your support!

    We are thrilled to announce that A Million Drops was chosen as one of two non-profits to benefit from the theatrical release of American Street Kid, a full length documentary about the lives of youth and young adults in Los Angeles experiencing homelessness. We are very grateful to director Michael Leoni and his producing team for selecting us!


    Our 1st Annual Charity Poker Tournament was a full success! We couldn’t be happier! Five lucky winners took their prize money home, and we were able to raise a nice amount for our A Million Drops Learning Center. Please enjoy a few snapshots of the event, from setting up to the final three players.

    Frank Uchalik Jr, owner of Alpha Medical Props, had cleared out space in one of his showrooms.

    Pam Elyea and Linda Busquet, two of our wonderful volunteers, with AMD board member Don W. Neil

    The calm before the storm… during registration, the player enjoyed the yummy taco dinner, provided by Jim and Maria Knox

    Our very cool, event themed signage was created by NCIS graphic designer Doug Reilly

    We showcased pieces that were created by youth and young adults experiencing homelessness

    More beautiful works by some of the peeps who come to our A Million Drops Learning Center

    We started out with eight tables…

    As more and more players were eliminated, tables were taken out until the final eight players were seated at the last remaining table.

    A large monitor displayed the current time, round, blinds and minutes left.

    Tension and anticipation grew with only seven players left.

    Larrick represented A Million Drops at one of the tables and made it about 2/3 through!

    Everybody was holding their breath; you cut have cut the tension with a knife

    The rush of adrenaline was too much; one of our players had to stand up to release tension….

    The final three, Lisa, the tournament director and excited spectators


    Wow, what a wonderful 10 part class! Thank you Charles Malki of IV Organics for teaching such a great class and congratulations to all of our graduates.

    All participants had the opportunity to learn ‘new era’ gardening techniques to help give them information to put them ahead of 90% of the industry! All graduates received certificates to showcase their work and understanding!

  • We had our first storytelling workshop (Concrete Heartbeat) this week with Beowulf Jones (Risk!, Nerdist, MTV)! We are glad to have him teaching here! The first workshop was loaded with great information and storytelling concepts. If you are interested in storytelling, confidence or public speaking please come on over to A Million Drops next Thursday (May the 2nd) at 5pm! Thanks for the great turn out everyone who showed up (the picture obviously doesn’t do the turn out justice).

  • Thank you everyone who came out to see the Pop-Up BENEFIT PERFORMANCE by New York Actor & Playwright Robert Galinsky, directed by Jay O. Sanders this past Wednesday!

    Robert Galinsky, who is also the coach of our weekly Improv & Acting Workshop, used the event to raise funds to help us pay rent, so that we can continue to serve young adults experiencing homelessness. 100% of the proceeds went to A Million Drops. A Million Drops is not government funded and runs completely on donations. It is these acts of generosity and your support that help us keep going! Thank you!!!

    Also, a big thank you as well to all of those who worked behind the scenes to help setup and take down this event. This event was a team effort and it came together to help showcase an amazing show and performance!

    Please keep checking in regularly to see what future events A Million Drops may bring!

  • A Pop-Up BENEFIT PERFORMANCE by New York Actor & Playwright Robert Galinsky, directed by Jay O. Sanders

    Robert Galinsky, who is also the coach of our weekly Improv & Acting Workshop, is raising funds to help us pay rent, so that we can continue to serve young adults experiencing homelessness. 100% of the proceeds go to A Million Drops.

    Based on true stories, THE BENCH explores the emotional heartbreak of five individuals experiencing homelessness. With brutal honesty and absurd humor, Galinsky transforms himself into five incorrigible and equally lovable people whose lives become forever entwined.

    Admission is free to clients of A Million Drops
    DOORS: 7:30 PM
    SHOWTIME: 8:00 – 9:00 PM
    FREE PARKING in the church parking lot

    Benefit Raffle Items Provided by MPOWERD

  • So we had our first ever Game Night at the A Million Drops Learning Center! It was a full house with games of Scrabble, Jenga, Chess, Catan and others! It was lots of fun and had a bunch of delicious food! Thanks to our awesome supporters Heidi and Robert Urbina, Ed and Dana Robledo and Karen Cota Sheahan. A special thank you to Mother Moo Creamery for donating the most delicious, organic ice cream!