The A Million Drops Learning Center

Because knowledge and creativity give you wings.

In April 2018, we opened the Learning Center, a safe, non-judgmental space where A Million Drops provided emotional and educational support, and the tools needed to start building a life that leads off of the streets.  Growth was promoted by encouraging communication, studying and taking on responsibilities.  Our programs included workshops in Improv & Acting, Story Telling and Poetry, we offered an Edible Gardening class, a Film Club, courses on How To Write A Great Resume and How To Conduct A Successful Job Interview, and a four weeks workshop in Screen Writing.  The Learning Center was also a safe haven for Reading, Writing and Creating Art.  Additional, we assisted with replacing a lost or stolen ID, and helped with interview preparations.

We recently had to close our Learning Center, and we are now focussing on supporting some of the individuals we have come to know over the past years. We help by paying for food, a pair of new shoes, a phone charger and many other things; we also still provide free laundry vouchers.


The A Million Drops Mobile Laundry Bus

Providing necessities and hygiene.



A small refurbished bus, providing mobile laundry services.




The A Million Drops Thrift Shop

Providing job opportunities.


Our long term vision is to open the A Million Drops Thrift Shop, a second hand store that will generate income and enable us to provide job opportunities to homeless, at-risk young adults. It will also be a free source for homeless men and women who are moving into unfurnished housing and need the basics to get started.

You can check out our activities on the Current Programs page, and if you would like to support our vision, please consider making a donation.