• Alex

    “The center (A Million Drops) just helps me straighten out and get stuff together as a refuge that we all need… a good work space.”

  • Bruce

    “It’s a great grounding place to prepare for greater events, for a greater job, to remind ourselves of our situation and that it can only get better.”

  • Morgan

    Today I was looking through my memories and it was almost a year ago exactly that Maike inspired me to create more art. She helped convince the people at the shelter I was staying to find art supplies for my artist friends and me to make some art and then she provided a place for us to show it. The feeling of being in a gallery was something that I had never thought that I’d actually achieve and she framed my piece and and it felt like I was a real artist finally. She’s given me opportunities at every turn for me to prove myself as an artist and when I need more basic supplies like socks and hugs and encouragement and a mechanic referral she’s always ready with those as well. But the network of friends and resources that Maike cultivated has grown into something more. A Million Drops has become a sort of community where friendships are made and lives are enriched. I’m not off the streets yet, but A Million Drops has made me feel like I can achieve my dreams again.”

  • Ron

    A Million Drops represents to me there’s not enough tears to heal the hurt in this world, so we start with a smile, a hug and a giving heart!!!!!!”

  • Troy

    “After you break with no options, sometimes you just give up. A Million Drops helped me when I had nothing and I needed help most.”

  • Wolfgang

    A big thank you to Maike and A Million Drops for all of their support! They have helped me with finding resources for essential supplies and even obtaining an internship at an art gallery! They have helped me in displaying my artwork  in multiple galleries, which has helped me believe in my artistic ability. In times of crisis they have also provided counsel. Without A Million Drops I would definitely not have the level of success and comfort I have today!”

  • Armani

    I grew up in a community where helping others didn’t exist, and the support I received from A Million Drops has made me forever thankful.”

  • Angelica

    “It’s difficult wandering the street, jumping from shelter to shelter, people’s floors to people’s couches. This was how my life had been ever since I was learning how to walk. An endless cycle of “where am I going to stay next?” and that feeling of hopelessness when there’s only three dollars left on your food card.

    I was about 16 when I moved to Los Angeles. I was staying at a shelter on Skid Row when Maike from A Million Drops was introduced to me during a career class at the Mission. She didn’t come to me with stiff notions and fake sympathetic gestures, she came to change some lives. She and her organization were rooting for me since day one. There was constant encouragement and help and I didn’t feel so small in that big city anymore. I met the most amazing people that I know will always be there for me. Everyone that I met through A Million Drops has bent over backwards to make sure I was and still am okay. They helped me in so many ways from providing me with desperately needed clothes to connecting me with people that could help me find work. Everything that A Million Drops has done for me has given the push that I needed to get myself out of that endless cycle. And not only the push to get me out for myself, but to stay humble and reach out to others that were in my same position. This organization is close to my heart and has helped shape me into who I am today. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be here without AMD.” 

  • Neil

    A Million Drops has helped me sell my artwork and put my name out there as an artist. They also provided me with a sleeping bag when I had to sleep on the streets. I am thankful for all that.”

  • Marquze

    A Million Drops has helped me express myself.”