Today I was looking through my memories and it was almost a year ago exactly that Maike inspired me to create more art. She helped convince the people at the shelter I was staying to find art supplies for my artist friends and me to make some art and then she provided a place for us to show it. The feeling of being in a gallery was something that I had never thought that I’d actually achieve and she framed my piece and and it felt like I was a real artist finally. She’s given me opportunities at every turn for me to prove myself as an artist and when I need more basic supplies like socks and hugs and encouragement and a mechanic referral she’s always ready with those as well. But the network of friends and resources that Maike cultivated has grown into something more. A Million Drops has become a sort of community where friendships are made and lives are enriched. I’m not off the streets yet, but A Million Drops has made me feel like I can achieve my dreams again.”

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