We are proud to announce the launch of Real Good Stuff, a podcasting show hosted by Scott Clapson, produced by New York DJ Cherish The Luv, and sponsored by A Million Drops.

In the past year, Scott, who has not just been a regular guest at the A Million Drops Learning Center, but who also teaches a weekly podcasting class there, has recorded more than 30 conversations with people who are surviving homelessness, and with community advocates/activists who express new narratives and shift the perceptions, stereotypes and opinions about those who are unhoused or struggling with permanent shelter.

Scott’s first podcast, a conversation with NY actor and playwright Robert Galinsky, is available now. You can listen to it here. We are very proud, and excited to see where Scottie is going to take his show. We believe the sky is the limit.

Real Good Stuff host Scott Clapson ….

… joking around with his producer, DJ Cherish The Luv