At A Million Drops Learning Center, we offer a variety of Classes & Workshops

STREETWISE, a weekly Improv & Acting class, taught by New York actor/playwright Robert Galinsky, Mondays 5:30 – 7pm






THE ART OF SELF REGULATION, a weekly class taught by David Blu (check calendar for dates)

Learn how to regulate your Autonomous Nervous System through Self-knowledge and Breath Mastery.
Class Highlights:
– Introduction to the Autonomous Nervous System
– Breath Mastery
– Brain-Body Connection
– Visualization used by elite performers
– Tips and tricks for physical pain relief
– Daily wellness practices
– Introduction to reflexology and yoga


ARTS & CRAFTS with Sophie Pleshette, a weekly workshop where you can release your inner artist. (Wednesdays 2 – 4pm)






• PODCASTING FOR BEGINNERS, taught by Scott Clapson, host of Real Good Stuff. Learn methods and techniques to create, develop and carry out your own podcast. (Thursdays 2 – 4pm)                            • ADVANCED PODCASTING, also taught by Real Good Stuff host Scott Clapson. (Fridays 2 – 4pm)


POETIC PERSPECTIVEZ, a weekly Poetry & Spoken Word Class, taught by Marquesha ‘Keke’ Babers. (Thursdays 4 – 5pm)





• A monthly SELF-IMPROVEMENT Group, hosted by Greg Johnson of the L.O.V.E. Foundation (check calendar for dates)












Classes & Workshops we have offered in the past (and may bring back at some point)

CONCRETE HEARTBEAT, a weekly Story Telling class, taught by Beowulf Jones, host of Turtle






• A weekly EDIBLE GARDENING CLASS, taught by master gardener Charles Malki of IV Organics






• A three part SCRIPT WRITING class, taught by screenwriter Elissa Hofelt (Elissa will teach a follow-up class in 2020)





• GARDEN BEAUTIFICATION with Denise Grisco (will start back up in the spring of 2020)