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  • What’s Happening, Dec. 3rd – December 8th

    Besides Our 5th Anniversary Celebration coming up this Saturday, December the 8th, we have a bunch of stuff going on at the center this week between 2pm-6pm (regular hours, Monday through Friday), as well as a workshop after hours at 6:30pm to 8pm on Wednesday. Also, P.A.T.H. will be coming in this Wednesday at 2:30pm to do a special presentation on a new shelter opening up for both men and women!


    Gardening Workshop with Charles – Tuesday, December 4th, 3pm – 4:30pm
    We have another gardening workshop with Charles Malki of IV Organics! Come learn how to grow and tend to your own food in our edible garden this Tuesday!


    The Schrader Project Presentation by P.A.T.H. – Wednesday, December 5th, 2:30pm
    P.A.T.H. will be coming in to discuss a new shelter opening up near The Blessed Sacrament which will offer shelter to both men and women! P.A.T.H. will also be handing out ID vouchers for those who have had proper ID, who no longer have ID, so they may obtain new ID for free!


    Acting Workshop with Robert Galinsky – Wednesday, December 5th, 6:30pm- 8pm
    We’ll be opening up after hours for this special acting workshop! If there isn’t enough room inside A Million Drops for those attending we are planning to open up the church auditorium (the double doors to the right of A Million Drops from the outside)!


    Movies & Film Workshop with Anton – Thursday, December 6th, 2:30pm – 5pm
    Come watch a movie and take part in group discussions! Are you interested in directing, acting, media? Please come enjoy yourself and bring your input!


    Poetry Workshop with Megan – Friday, December 7th, 3:30pm
    Megan is set to lead us through another poetry workshop this week! Do you enjoy creative writing? Are you just interested? Come try it out!


    We are looking forward to seeing all of our visitors this week!

  • Starter Plant Arrangements

    Last Tuesday at A Million DropsCharles J Malki of IV Organics helped lead a class to pot an Assorted Succulent Arrangement & California Native Poppy Plants which will be for sale at our 5th Anniversary Celebration on Saturday the 8th (3pm – 7pm)! Thanks to Charles J Malki, those who attended and also to Sheila Irani for donating the plants from her own personal garden!


  • 10 Weeks Open and going strong

    Our A Million Drops Learning Center has only been open for ten weeks, and already it is making a big difference in the lives of the young people who visit. They come in to rest, charge their phones, and enjoy a cold water and a snack. And once they have recovered a little from their daily struggles they start to explore.

    Some ask for art materials and draw for hours, forgetting the world around them, others pick a book from our in-house library and read quietly, some find a partner to play chess or scrabble, many make use of our (old) laptops to research or write a resume, or they just sit together and chat.





    Three days a week, they get the opportunity to take a shower at the Adventist church next door or in the shower trailer provided by Shower of Hope, an organization founded by our friend Mel Tillekeratne.

    On an average, we serve 10 – 16 visitors a day who consider the space their home, treating it with respect and pride, and making sure every newcomer does as well.

    The first four weeks, AMD Director Maike was in charge. When she had to go back to working in her regular job, three of our guests stepped up to the plate and took on responsibilities. Josh, Jason and Craig make sure that the Learning Center opens and closes on time, and they take care of everything in between: from welcoming visitors and explaining our rules to first timers to handing out refreshments and snacks – or socks and toiletries if needed, and much more. And at closing time, they clean the place and water our edible garden. We couldn’t be happier!

    Our fundraiser is also going well! In only three weeks, we have received donations in the amount of $7,730, securing almost four months of rent!

    If you would like to support us as well, please visit  Any amount is highly appreciated and will help us make a positive difference in the lives of some very awesome, less fortunate young people.

  • Art Group with Missy Morgan

    Developing ideas and working on designs to be transferred onto utility boxes in Hollywood.

  • Unsheltered VI A Big Success

    Our sixth art show, Unsheltered VI, featuring works by homeless, at-risk youth and young adults, was a big success. Taking place at prestigious hair salon Ramos Carreon – owned by Emmy winning stylist Robert Ramon and Philip Carreon – , the event attracted a steady flow of visitors and we had a full house all night.

    The show included 34 pieces as colorful and diverse as the ten young artists who created them: Altitude Abstrakt, Andrew Washington, Darrel DJ Morgan, Jess Barlass, Kris Williams, Leahcim Robinson, Marquze Killion, Morgan Movesaround, Neil Massey, Wolfgang Meesenburg.

    Artists Leah, Andrew, Altitude Abstrakt and Neil (left to right)

    Artists Andrew (left) and Marquze (right)

    AMD founder Maike with set decorator Jean Simone who bought this piece by Marquze Killion

    Richard Gibson (center), owner of Ted Gibson Frames, helped with framing some of the art

    Two of our guests studying the show catalog

    Salon Owner Philip Carreon (left) and salon manager Rowena Ajero












    We were happy to see people connecting with old friends and making new ones.

    The hors d’oeuvres, a  donation by Robert Ramos’ husband, Alejandro Zavala 

    Our wonderful bartender Manuela made sure that the glasses were always full

    DJ Cherish The Luv had come all the way from New York to support us, and her feel good music put a smile on people’s faces.It felt more like being at a party with friends than at a formal art show reception.

    DJ Cherish The Luv enjoying the view

    DJ Cherish The Luv’s view from the balcony


    A Million Drops board members Ross Dodds, Preston Johnson, Denise Grisco, Maike Both and Don W. Neil

    And most importantly: People loved the art! At the end of the day, 26 of pieces had been sold (UPDATE: the additional 8 pieces have sold since), and proceeds went 100% to the artists and towards art supplies.Thank you to everyone who supported us, first of all to Robert Ramos and Phillip Carreon who opened the door of their salon for us; to DJ Cherish The Luv for giving her time, love and talent making people feel happy and at home; to Johnny Cornwell for letting us use his sound system for free; and last but not least to the young, dedicated people who in spite of difficult circumstances, created beautiful art. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome, and we are looking forward to Unsheltered VII.


  • Unsheltered VI

    Art by Homeless, At-Risk Youth and Young Adults

    by Jess Barlass

    The sixth Unsheltered art show is going to take place on September 30th in Hollywood. We sat down with A Million Drops founder Maike Both to learn more about the idea behind it.

    AMD: “We created Unsheltered in 2015 to provide a platform for talented young artists who happen to be homeless. The exhibition received such positive feedback from both, the artists as well as the audience, that we decided to make it a regular part of AMD’s programs. Since then, we have organized five shows: at a gallery, a restaurant, open air events and even a laundromat. In July, we began to look for the next location, a place with an ambiance that was unexpected and different from the ordinary and ideally have its own audience.” And then, a wonderful discovery. At an event, Maike met Robert Ramos, Emmy nominated hair stylist, and c0-owner of prestigious celebrity hair salon Ramos Carreon. Maike approached him and his business partner, Philip Carreon, with the idea of hosting an art show at their salon. Both were immediately excited, and the vision came together quickly.

    One of the young artists whose work will be part of the upcoming show is Neil Massey, who has participated in Unsheltered since its conception in 2015. Earlier this year, AMD was able to sell several of his raw, powerful pieces to a Hollywood prop house, and they are now featured on the set of the 2017 movie, Home Again, as well as in seven nation-wide commercials. “We are thrilled to be able to help these talented young people get the exposure they deserve,” says Maike Both.

    The upcoming show includes works by ten artists, many of whom have been on board since 2015. “We’re like a little family, we stay in touch and try to give support in any way we can. ”

    If you enjoy behind-the-scenes info for AMD’s events and programs, please stay tuned to the website.

  • The 5th Annual UTW Day – Positive Local Action

    For the past four years, we organized public, day-long events to celebrate UTW Day. We invited local organizations that are about positive local actions and provided them with a platform. We had live music, real time video calls with people in other countries having their official UTW Day events, and raffles raising money for A Million Drops.

    This year, we did something completely different. We practiced what UTW stands for: Positive. Local. Action. On UTW Day 2017, we gave a make-over to 2nd Chance For Sobriety, a sober living house in Los Angeles.

    Sober living instead of prison time

    2nd Chance For Sobriety is a small, inconspicuous building on South Western. Nothing on the outside gives away what is going on inside, and one would never guess that the house is the (temporary) home for seventy men ages 20 to 45. Before they moved here, these men were doing time in County jail or prison for drug related charges. A program created by the city of L.A. looks for candidates that qualify to finish their sentences at 2nd Chance, giving them the chance for recovery. One of the criteria to get this opportunity is to have no prior convictions for violence.

    Darrel, a young homeless man, is one of the residents who currently live at 2nd Chance.  A Million Drops had been supporting him for a while when he was arrested last year. After he had spent two months in jail,  the judge sent him to 2nd Chance. With nothing tocall his own but the clothes on his body, and his cellphone, Darrel reached out to AMD director Maike and asked for help. A few days later she went to visit him for the first time.

    Sitting next to Darrel in the Visitation Room, Maike couldn’t help but notice the peeling paint and sad decor, and she wondered how anybody was supposed to find the strength to make a positive life change in such a depressing environment.

    An idea was born

    Working as a set decorator in tv and film, Maike knew how easily a space can be transformed, and what started just as an idea quickly became a plan. With the help of her network, the vision was put on paper, a project presentation was created to help reach out to potential donors and volunteers. The goal was to beautify three areas – the Visitation Room, the Dining Area and the Back Yard.

    BEFORE: three areas were chosen to receive a makeover

    Visitation Room: Before

    Dining Area: Before

    Back Yard: Before



    Getting ready

    Leading up to UTW Day, our team spent weeks planning, fund raising and asking for help with needed items and materials. The support was incredible. Individuals and companies followed our call and supported the project with monetary and in-kind donations. (Please see the list below). And then it was finally time to get to work.


    DURING: Volunteers and residents, working together, side by side

    On UTW Day, team members, volunteers and residents worked tirelessly from 7 am to 7 pm. Together, we were able to completely transform the space. The emphasis is on ‘together’!

    Two volunteers are building benches for the Visitation Room

    Volunteers, management and residents working together

    Three sun sails were the perfect addition for the back yard

    Working with plants can be very therapeutical

    Painting the Visitation Room

    These planter boxes were made from old pallets

    A deck was the only way to create a straight surface for furniture

    It was great to see how throughout the day,  more and more of the residents got involved.













    They painted, they planted a vegetable garden; they helped move furniture around and made suggestions for improvements that our team had not thought of.

    THE RESULTS: Better than the vision

    The results are fantastic, not only were we able to create the look of the mock-up pictures we put in the presentation, we actually made it look even better. At the end of the day, everyone, volunteers as well as residents and management, was blown away. The whole experience was so inspiring for everyone involved that we are already talking about what we can do next.

    After: The Dining Area

    After: The Back Yard

    After: The Visitation Room



    A heartfelt thank you the generous donors who made this project possible!
    Alley Cats Props
    Alpha Medical Props
    Elevated Deck Systems
    Faux Library Studio Props
    Ralph Fowler
    Green Set Inc.
    Hand Prop Room
    Gary Hidalgo/NCIS
    Hollywood Studio Gallery
    Hollywood Trophy Co.
    Lennie Marvin’s Prop Heaven
    Al Limon
    Mark’s Paint Shop
    Nest Studio Rentals
    Objects Fine Set Decorations
    Omega Cinema Props
    Practical Props
    RC Vintage
    Simply Discount Furniture
    The Home Depot

  • The 5th Annual UTW Day

    UTW Day is celebrated annually in countries around the globe, introducing individuals and groups who take positive action in their communities, spreading awareness and inspiring others to join.

    The 5th annual UTW Day will take place on Saturday, June 2017. Here in L.A., we are going to give a make-over to a sober living house called 2nd Chance For Sobriety. At any given time, seventy men ages 20 to 60 live at 2nd Chance for up to a year, many of them by court order.

    Darrel, a young homeless man whom we have supported for a couple of years is one of them. When AMD’s director/UTW Day producer Maike went to visit him at 2nd Chance, all she could think of was how sad and depressing the place looked, and she wondered how anybody could possibly get sober in such an environment.

    Working in set decoration on tv shows and feature films, Maike knew how easy one can make a space look completely different. She decided to reach out to her friend, production designer Denise Pizzini, who immediately loved the idea. Together they went to visit the rehab to figure out what could be done with little money in just one day. Denise created an amazing mood board, visualizing the beautification of three areas – the Visitation Room, the Dining Area and the Back Yard.

  • A Bus For Our Outreach Work

    Since 2013, A Million Drops has been cruising the streets of Hollywood looking for young homeless in need. We take the time to sit with them and talk to better understand how we can help, and we will keep doing all this, but we want to be more effective and have more visibility. Rather than walking around, trying to find a young homeless whom we promised a sleeping bag or new underwear, we want them to be able to find us, on specific days, at specific locations.

    That’s why we want to buy a used short bus, wrap it with our beautiful A Million Drops logo and turn it into our easily recognizable, mobile outreach center.

    Disney storyboard artist Wendy Grieb and her art students created this super cute image of our future A Million Drops bus for us, and we started a fundraiser on GoFundMe, asking our friends, family and co-workers for support.

    We understand that times are tough for everyone, but please consider donating! Even the smallest amount will make a difference!

    And if you can’t afford sending money, please help us by sharing the fundraiser on social media and with your circle of friends. Thank you!

  • Collecting Art Supplies

    A Million Drops had posted on Facebook, asking people to donate their unused art supplies, acrylic and oil paints, brushes, color pencils, paper, canvasses etc., so we could pass them on to the young artists who have participated in our recurring exhibition, Unsheltered Art.

    Unsheltered Art show at Gallery Wallspace

    Unsheltered Art show at Gallery Wallspace


    Awesome donor Sydnee Miller dropping off a whole crate of goodies

    A lot of people followed our call, and dropped of crates and bags full of donations.


    On Saturday, we invited the young artists to meet with us so they could pick  the materials they need to create their pieces.


    Artist Wolfgang looking for color pens for his next piece


    Kris and Marquze scored acrylic paints and canvasses