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  • El Nino Is Coming And We Need Your Help

    El Nino Is Coming And We Need Your Help

    sleepingbag 2

    With the majority of scientists predicting an extremely wet winter in Southern California this year and more homeless and at-risk youth on the streets of Hollywood, it’s imperative that, as their neighbors and as a community, we come together to help them however we can.

    We need your help in securing sleeping bags, tents, toiletries and other essentials — so, today, on this Day of Giving (#Giving Tuesday) and the rest of the month, would you please consider making a donation to!

    Your donation will help people like our neighbors Joshua and Troy, who share an RV on the streets, repair the RV to keep it safe on the streets. It will help them as they struggle through school, very little money, very little food and the cold and flu season.


  • ‘Unsheltered’ – Art by Homeless and At-Risk Youth of Hollywood

    ‘Unsheltered’ – Art by Homeless and At-Risk Youth of Hollywood

    On Saturday, September 12, we had our official opening night for ‘Unsheltered’, an art show organized by A Million Drops and gallery owner Valda Lake.



    A Million Drops founder Maike Both had congregated an eclectic group of young individuals who all share one experience: homelessness. Spending their days on the streets of Hollywood and their nights on sidewalks, friends’ couches, or in one of the few local shelters specializing in homeless youth, they beat the odds of drowning in darkness by putting their minds and hearts into creating art. 


    It was a lively crowd that turned out  for the artist reception at Valda Lake’s gallery Wallspace LA; people from all walks of life showed up, it was an easy going night, a great chance to meet the artists and make new friends.P1020054P102005712003157_1038584439508138_8332359738012692001_nP1020056P102005512006374_10153408893581997_7999916073955910005_n 12009769_10153408893066997_3319240375780453743_n 12011158_10152998489870047_209691365039875382_n 11060035_10152998490225047_5990372072747567374_n 11988292_10153408893081997_7663429202891376300_n 12002874_760870030689714_1533250240646272801_n 12003377_1039568926067017_8376731842136599404_n

  • May 5: A Trip To San Francisco

    Visiting Lava Mae in San Francisco

    Last week, A Million Drops founder Maike Both and board member Ross Dodds went on a road trip to San Francisco to experience the Lava Mae shower bus in person. Lava Mae’s mission is simple, and it goes hand in hand with AMD’s philosophy: To deliver dignity and unlock opportunity for those experiencing homelessness. One way A Million Drops is currently doing that is by providing free laundry services, while Lava Mae offers free, mobile showers on an especially for this purpose converted city bus, and we full heartedly agree with Lava Mae’s beliefs, which are

    1.  Everyone has the right to be clean.

    2.  Those experiencing homelessness can’t access jobs and housing or maintain health and wellbeing if they can’t get clean.

     3.  With hygiene comes dignity; with dignity, opportunity.


    We couldn’t have said it any better, and while we were already in love with the idea of running a shower bus in L.A. after watching the video on Lava Mae’s website, having seen it in action, we are now determined to have an A Million Drops shower bus in Hollywood, and we are looking forward to collaborating with other local organizations on making it happen.

  • April 12: Laundry Love Hollywood

    Lots of laundry, lots of love …

    Our March flyer

    Our March flyer

    Time flies … Yesterday, we had our fourth Laundry Love, and it was busy as ever. The first guests started to line up as early as 8:30 while we were still setting up tables and rolling racks to display the clothes and other items that generous supporters had donated to us: From gently used jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, jackets and shoes to toiletry bags containing travel sized personal hygiene products and brand new socks and underwear.

    AMD board member Don W. Neil is preparing toiletry bags

    AMD board member Don W. Neil is preparing toiletry bags

    Many of the young people who come to do their laundry for free once a month literally only own the clothes they wear, so it is especially important that we are able to provide them with a pair of jeans or sweat pants and a t-shirt to change into while they get their laundry done.

    AMD board member Jenna Glasser and founder Maike Both

    AMD board member Jenna Glasser with founder Maike Both

    The most sought after items are clean socks and sneakers. The young homeless spend countless hours walking around, and their footwear tends to be in dire shape, and we always appreciate receiving donations of new socks and used, but good shoes.