Sharing A Meal

Some impression from this year’s Thanksgiving meal that our board members shared with 15 young men and women, whom we have gotten to know over the past couple of years doing our outreach work. They are homeless, some sleep on friends’ couches, others stay at a youth shelter, and a couple of them are lucky enough to live in an old RV.

We had organized a pick up at the Metro station in North Hollywood, and shortly after 2 pm, everybody started showing up at Denise’s place. Denise has the biggest heart; without thinking twice she offered to have the event at her house, and I am still amazed how laid back she was considering the mess we made in her kitchen. 🙂


The banquet table set up in the backyard was barely long enough to fit all 20 of us, and there was plenty of yummy food, more than enough for for everyone.

I loved to have everyone together at the same time, sharing a meal and exchanging ideas.

Getting to know these young people helps us to better understand their needs and find ways how we as A Million Drops can be more effective in the support we provide.




Food preparations the night before



Board Member Don with Darryl and Marquze, two of our guests


Good thing there was plenty of food…


Joshua, Jessica and DJ


AMD founder Maike with Jessica and Joshua


Too many cooks in the kitchen?


Marquze relaxing with a full belly


Denise, our wonderful hostess, preparing the stuffing


How many cranberries does one need to prepare sauce for 20?

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