May 5: A Trip To San Francisco

Visiting Lava Mae in San Francisco

Last week, A Million Drops founder Maike Both and board member Ross Dodds went on a road trip to San Francisco to experience the Lava Mae shower bus in person. Lava Mae’s mission is simple, and it goes hand in hand with AMD’s philosophy: To deliver dignity and unlock opportunity for those experiencing homelessness. One way A Million Drops is currently doing that is by providing free laundry services, while Lava Mae offers free, mobile showers on an especially for this purpose converted city bus, and we full heartedly agree with Lava Mae’s beliefs, which are

1.  Everyone has the right to be clean.

2.  Those experiencing homelessness can’t access jobs and housing or maintain health and wellbeing if they can’t get clean.

 3.  With hygiene comes dignity; with dignity, opportunity.


We couldn’t have said it any better, and while we were already in love with the idea of running a shower bus in L.A. after watching the video on Lava Mae’s website, having seen it in action, we are now determined to have an A Million Drops shower bus in Hollywood, and we are looking forward to collaborating with other local organizations on making it happen.

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