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  • Game Night At A Million Drops!

    So we had our first ever Game Night at the A Million Drops Learning Center! It was a full house with games of Scrabble, Jenga, Chess, Catan and others! It was lots of fun and had a bunch of delicious food! Thanks to our awesome supporters Heidi and Robert Urbina, Ed and Dana Robledo and Karen Cota Sheahan. A special thank you to Mother Moo Creamery for donating the most delicious, organic ice cream!


  • Homeless Realities Documentary

    We went on a small outing to view our very own Brian Sicurella portrayed in Jovrnalism’s 360 degree documentary, Homeless Realities. The documentary was a surprisngly intimate and beautiful piece of art spotlighting several people who are experiencing homeless in Los Angeles. The spotlighted participants were not only the focus of the documentary, they were also trained on new emerging technology while being involved in the creative side of the project!


  • Game Night!

    Saturday, February the 16th, from 5pm – 8pm A Million Drops will be open for Game Night! Lots of food, snacks and sodas will be provided! Please come on out and have some fun!

  • Free Hair Cut Day!

    Our first free haircut day was a success! Thanks so much Erick Orellana, Donnie Thorpe and Robert Rea from Cristophe Beverly Hills and José Eber Hair who had volunteered their time and skills, tirelessly working all day, cutting, styling and blow drying the hair of dozens of people who had signed up for a free hair cut! While waiting, clients enjoyed free coffee and snacks and the music program put together by DJ Aaron Paar. Thank you Andrew Froemming and the Hollywood Adventist Church for providing space for the event. Thank you Joshua Townsend, Brian Sicurella and Andrew Froemming for helping set up!

  • Anger Management Workshop With Les Harris Of 2nd Chance For Recovery

    Is life really grinding your gears? Do you find yourself lashing out at those around you? At yourself? Please come on out on Tuesday, February the 12th at 2:30pm for an anger management workshop! Learn new techniques and tools for dealing with those upset moments!

  • This Past Weeks Acting Workshop

    In our past weeks acting class, under the guidance of professional actor and teacher Robert Galinksy, our class experimenting with various walking techniques to develop and create unique characters!

  • Charles Teaching His Organic Food Forest Workshop!

    Charles J Malki teaching his 2nd out of 10 lessons for his class: The Making Of An Organic Food Forest 10 Week Course (2/10). We will be hosting his 3rd workshop next Wednesday at 2pm! It’s still soon enough to get involved if you are interested. There will be 4 weeks of make up classes after the 10th week! Thank you Charles J Malki once again for all the amazing information on plants, gardening and organic fertilizers! And thank you and your family for the gift basket! Always a pleasure to have you around!!!


  • Poetic Perspectivez with Kiki

    Kiki is a professional spoken word poet set to lead us through another poetry workshop this week! Do you enjoy creative writing? Spoken word and performance? Are you just interested? Come try it out!

  • Introduction To Making Of An Organic Food Forest with Charles Malki

    The Making Of An Organic Food Forest. Please come out this Tuesday, January 8th at 3pm for an introduction to a 10 week educational gardening class taught by Charles J Malki of IV Organics! Each class will be 20-30 minutes, followed by working in the garden (weather permitting). Learn ‘new era’ methods on planting, caring and propagating all types of fruits and vegetables; plus improving soil, irrigation options and fertilizing! Those who complete all 10 weeks will earn a certificate and recommendation for work in the nursery / agricultural-based industries! Makeup classes will be made after the 10 weeks conclude. Please keep posted for upcoming class days and times!

  • Turtle – A (mostly) Storytelling Show!

    We had a great time at Turtle – A (mostly) Storytelling Show!! Several of our clients (who are talented themselves) got to see a storytelling show by great performers who had us laughing, surprised and deep in thought! Thank you Beowulf Jones and all performers for a wonderful night out!