• One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure

    Join us for Rummage In The Parking Lot, our second fundraiser of the year.  Clothing, household items, books, electronics and more will be priced to sell!

    Bring a friend and join us for a fun morning of great finds that, in turn, help some of our neighbors in need.

    IMG_6569 IMG_6571

    See you this Saturday, April 16th, 7am – 2pm, 7990 San Fernando Rd, Sun Valley, CA 91352 (Enter parking lot on Lorne St./back of building.).

    Please share this with  your friends and tell them that all proceeds will go to A Million Drops to help the homeless and at-risk youth and young adults in Hollywood.

  • – Rummage In The Parking Lot –

    Join us for Rummage In The Parking Lot, our first fundraiser of the year.  Clothing and small housewares will be priced to sell; nothing will be over $5.

    We are also accepting donations of clothing and small housewares for this and future Rummage in the Parking Lot fundraisers. Donations can be dropped drop off on Saturday morning, anytime before 12 at the address below.

    See you this Saturday, January 30th, 8am – 2pm, 1548 N Western Ave, Los Angeles, 90027 (Between Sunset & Hollywood).

    Bring your friends because all proceeds will go to A Million Drops to help the homeless and at-risk youth in Hollywood.

  • Tips on Helping the Homeless

    Tip #1 – Acknowledge Them

    Life on the street can be very lonely. Imagine people walking by you, all day long, not even looking at you, as if you didn’t exist… I would very quickly lose any feeling of self worth. images-2

    A simple smile and a hello can make all the difference. Give a little of your time and talk to your homeless neighbor. There are so many paths that lead to homelessness, and each person has a different story. By  listening to them, you show that you care. And not just that. You will show by-passers that you care, and maybe inspire them to follow your example.


    images-4Tip #2 – Know How To Help

    It’s easy to provide practical and immediate help. You can keep granola bars and small bottles of water in your car, or pre-packed ziplock bags filled with travel size toiletries and a pair of socks. And don’t forget that many homeless have a dog for companionship and protection: fill some of the ziplock bags with dog food !

    Winter season brings extra hardship for the ones living on the streets.  Check your closet for warm clothes that you don’t wear anymore: a sweater, a hoodie or scarf, a pair of boots that you bought for a trip three years ago and haven’t worn since. Also, blankets, tarps, sleeping bags and tents are extremely helpful!


    Tip #3 – Understand

    Most of your homeless neighbors will be grateful for your offer, but you may also encounter someone who is having a really rough time and may be unable to appreciate your help. Please, don’t be discouraged. Just smile and keep on your way. You will find someone else to help. images-3

    One of the biggest problems homelessness face is being misunderstood, stereotyped and stigmatized. Every person living on the streets has his or her own story. Some are very educated and just down on their luck. Some are struggling with addiction. Others lost everything to medical bills, and some suffer mental illness. No matter what brought them to homelessness, they all deserve help.


    Tip #4 – Tell Others

    Talk with your friends, family and colleagues about what you have learned about homelessness. Maybe even start a blog and share your experiences with people outside your personal circle. If you talk and write from your heart, your compassion will spread; you will reach many, and they will want to join you in helping others!


  • Homeless Joshua Talks About His Gratitude

    Homeless for over a year, Joshua discusses where he’s worked, the immigration challenges he has overcome and his overwhelming gratitude.  Help A  Million Drops help Joshua and people like him by donating at AMillionDrops.org.


    Joshua Is Homeless In Hollywood Part 2 from A Million Drops on Vimeo.

  • A Million Drops’ Big Christmas Dinner

    On Tuesday, December 22nd, eleven of A Million Drops’ board members and nine of the young homeless and at-risk people we have gotten to know and like over the past year, gather at the gallery Wallspace for a family-style dinner.

    Wallspace owner Valda Lake had generously offered her gallery to set up for this event; tables and folding chairs were organized by board members Denise and Don, and the food was catered by no one less than Marcos Rodriguez of PopKitch, who served a delicious, three course meal!


    Surrounded by art – what a great setting for our Christmas Dinner!


    Board members Jenna and Denise with Chef Marcos


    Morgan and Wolfgang, two of the young, at-risks artists


    Casso and Andrew, whose art was part of our recent shows


    Board member Don serving the meal to one of our guests


    It was so nice to have all the board members and some of our protégées share a good meal!


    Homeless artist Morgan with board members Denise and Don











    Everyone had a great time, the evening was filled with laughter and good conversations.

  • Our Christmas Art Sale Was A Full Success!

    Lots of people came by, everyone had a great time and many went home with a new piece of art. Here some of the happy owners of a new, original piece of art…



    Xochitl and Brian came all the way from Murrieta, and they went home with two new pieces



    AMD founder Maike Both with Jaimie and Robert who purchased a piece by homeless artist Alexis


    Ken bought these three pieces that were donated to us by L.A. artist Kymm Swank


    A very happy camper: Nicole went home with an original, signed piece by famous photographer Glen Wexler


    Robert bought this piece by homeless artist Andrew Washington










    Thanks to the efforts of everyone involved, artists, customers and AMD board members, and especially Lorna Donohoe and Nader Naderi, the owners of Wilde Wine Bar who invited us to have our art sale at their restaurant, we were able to raise $1,800 in just a few hours. This money will greatly help us help others, especially during the winter time, when even in L.A. the temperatures can go down to just above freezing at night.

    It was a beautiful event all the way round, and we are looking forward to the next one!

  • Troy Shares His Thoughts On Gratitude

    Troy, who has been homeless for some time on the streets of Los Angeles, discusses the challenges he has faced and the gratitude he has.  Troy lives in an RV with his friend Joshua, is going to school and trying to get back on his feet.  Please help A Million Drops help Troy by donating today.

    Troy, Homeless in L.A, Talks About His Gratitude from A Million Drops on Vimeo.

  • Troy And Joshua Living On The Streets

    Founder and Executive Director of A Million Drops, Maike, has spent a lot of time with Troy and Joshua, two homeless young men who now live in an RV on the streets of Los Angeles. Maike has sat down with them to find out they became homeless and what they are doing to get back on their feet.  Watch part 1 here and please help us help people like Troy and Joshua by donating to A Million Drops today.


  • art-link-a-million-drops-charity-homeless-youth-los-angeles-united-states-usa

    A Million Drops Art Sale

    On Sunday, December 20, from Noon  to 4 pm, A Million Drops is going to have a Christmas Art Sale to benefit the homeless and at-risk youth in Hollywood.  Special thanks to Lorna Donohoe and Nader Naderi for inviting is to have the ale at their Wilde Wine Bar and Restaurant.

    With Christmas coming, this Sunday is the perfect time to pick up an even more meaningful gift for a loved one!

    RSVP to the event here!

  • El Nino Is Coming And We Need Your Help

    sleepingbag 2

    With the majority of scientists predicting an extremely wet winter in Southern California this year and more homeless and at-risk youth on the streets of Hollywood, it’s imperative that, as their neighbors and as a community, we come together to help them however we can.

    We need your help in securing sleeping bags, tents, toiletries and other essentials — so, today, on this Day of Giving (#Giving Tuesday) and the rest of the month, would you please consider making a donation to AMillionDrops.org!

    Your donation will help people like our neighbors Joshua and Troy, who share an RV on the streets, repair the RV to keep it safe on the streets. It will help them as they struggle through school, very little money, very little food and the cold and flu season.