A Million Drops Outreach Truck

Providing necessities and advice.

For the past two years, AMD founder Maike Both and her team have cruised the streets of Hollywood in their own cars and on foot whenever they could make time, looking for young homeless in need, to provide direct assistance, like distributing toiletries, socks, sleeping bags and other needed items.

The goal now is to purchase a small truck or cargo van, and provide these services at specific locations and regular times.

A Million Drops Thrift Shop

Providing job opportunities.




Part of our vision is the A Million Drops Thrift Shop, a second hand store that will generate income and enable us to provide job opportunities to homeless, at-risk youth. Ideally, there will also be a small kitchen and a room for one on one consultations, i.e. on how to create a resume, replace a lost or stolen ID, where to look for housing, and how to start building a life that leads off of the streets.

You can check out our activities on the Current Programs page, and if you would like to support our vision, please consider making a donation.