A Million Drops has no paid staff; our non-profit is run entirely by volunteers and we rely upon the generosity of donors for all of our funding. Without your support, we would have to close our doors and discontinue our service and programs.

All monetary donations go towards paying rent, utilities and WiFi, telephone, p.o. box, as well as office and cleaning supplies, food, coffee and water, and many other things to help our clients, from free laundry vouchers and haircuts, application fees, transportation to interviews or court dates to urgently needed supplies, like an inhaler.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the individuals and companies who have contributed generously in 2018:

Dena Allen

Air Designs

Alpha Medical Inc.

Stephen Andruskewicz

Fredrick Arens

Peter Ayala

James Barnes

Heidi Baumgarten

Jay Berman

Tim Blaney

Penny Bollinger

Dirk Both

Andy Bradvica

Craig Bruenell

Joan Burgess

Laurel Burik

Gene Cane

Michael Caradonna

Will Carter

A.J. Catalano-Torres

Cari Chadwick

Cynthia Charette

Torben Christiansen

Coin Laundry Association California

Chris & Rachel Sardi Coles

Timur Coskun

Rachelle Cracchiolo

Vincent Cummings

Shannon Curfman

Shannon Curtis

Carol Dang

Holiday Dapper

Don Diers

Melinda Dodds

Ross Dodds

Marion Dulau

Marian Ejan

Claude Eshaghian

Hjördis Ewald

Faux Library

KC Fox

Robert Galinsky

Cheryl Giefer

Jenna Glasser

April Glover

Carlos Gonzales-Denis

Mary Gray

Kathleen Green

Green Set, Inc

Charles & Wendy Grieb

Denise Grisco

Michael Grow

Joshua Günther

John Hakopyan

Lynda Harpe

Jamie Hill

History For Hire

Elissa Hofelt

Hollywood Studio Gallery

Hollywood United Neighborhood Council (HUNC)

I.A.T.S.E. Local 44

James Ingram

Sheila Irani

Kelly Ireland

IV Organics

Shella Jaybird

Lyndell Jones

Tammy Kaitz

Rita Kassak

Bruce Lanoil

Carol Levine Dang

Ruthie Zekaria Levy

Al Limon

Cynthia Cherish Malaran

Charles Malki

Maggie Martin

Jill McAfee

Chrissy McCai

Jennifer McCarthy

Shannon McCreight

Jill McGraw

Teri McGill

Wolfgang Meesenburg

Marc Meisels

Marc Meyer

Jean Morrison

Jennifer Mueller

Mike Needham

Nest Studio Rentals

Pamela Nicholson

Yana Nirvana

Ann Nye


Sila O‘Gradaigh

Omega Cinema Props

Doug O‘Reilly

Joy Parrish

Prunette Peterson-Hill

Jill Pfeiffer

Pinacoteca Picture Props

Debbie Pinkard

Andrew Preston

Prop Services West

Benjamin Quinto

Kalpana Rao

RC Vintage

Karen Riemenschneider

Edward Robledo

Lauren Segal

Judith Sherman

Rose Safar

Mark Schmidt

Rachel Schwartz Bartlett

Jean Simone

Jodi L. Sisson

Waseem Solomon

Chelsea Staebell

Malin Steffen

Pascal Storms (Jaunts Boutique)

Warren Tatoy

David Touster

Frank Uchalik Jr.

Heidi & Robert Urbina

Leah Vidal

Nicholas J. Virga

Elliot Wahrhaftig

Wash On Western

Robin Wasikowski

Bob West

Stacey Angleton Wheeler (Jada Rose Jewelry)

Joe White

Jeff Williams

Caren Wilson

Tija Zamparelli

We also would like to thank all our supporters who donated items, from furniture, computers and books,  tents, tarps or sleeping bags to toiletries, clothing and so much more.